I am Kelly Crabbé, a 36 yo DevOps Engineer from Belgium. Boring, I know. I started out as a Service Desk Engineer and moved up the ranks as SysAdmin over at MS Amlin. Yep, that would be an insurance company. It gets more boring, I know. But hey, I am a gamer at heart, though most of my adventures now stop at playing some Facebook game. My time goes into working, learning and mostly into my lovely family.

I also happen to be a lesbian, although the label may not be suitable completely either. I am physically attracted to women, but it’s the fluid personality that draws me in all the way. And oh god, yes I have been drawn in - completely with my entire body and soul.

So what does that make me? A gay DevOps chick? Ok, we can deal with that.

I also am into photography? Urban Exploration - which is exploring and photographing urban decay.