About the site

This site was created as little project to test Jekyll, but I semi-fell in love with it. It’s relaxing to tinker with it.

In the course of the trial and error, I was suddenly struck with the possible loss of employment - so this evolved into a blog to keep track of what I do, what my capabilities are and hopefully lead to a dream job.

Should anyone wonder; my dream job allows me to work from home for a day or two a week; since I do my best and most productive work when I have soft music (eg. Norah Jones or Valerie June) playing and no other “disturbances”. I plan on keeping a blog section and an article (Projects) section. In both you should find enough information about me personally and professionally to get to know me a little better.

If you’re looking for more about me profesionally; I gladly refer you to my resume


The icons I use on the Contact Page are actually no icons; they are all a part of FontAwesome, which - as the name suggests - are indeed awesome. It may not be the cleanest of solutions (since I use <i></i>), but it gets the job done without adding more images.