Bash Profile

Basically, yes - I am one of those people. With one of those people, I mean I am a CLI worker. While I often use GUIs, I feel quite at home in a text-only environment. In fact, this entire site minus the graphics is written with Vi. I do use Sublime Text Editor, because it’s handy. Because Nano uses mouse input as well, it might be handier to use.

Know that if you ever ssh into a machine - a linux/unix/bsd server without GUI, as most are actually - you’ll be working with Vi or nano.

Now, just because of that “No GUI” attitude, I’ve always struggled with Git (and thus Github and Bitbucket) in a GUI setting. I have no clue why, but for some reason every single commit went wrong. It drove me mad, so CLI it was.

1 $ git init
2 $ git remote add origin
3 $ git add files-that-where-editted
4 $ git commit -m "commit message"
5 $ git push

Anyhow, here’s my bash_profile

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