project ubuntu - part 1

So in walked an assignment, it lay itself softly onto my desk. I caressed it, and it whispered in my ear, “let’s play and go wild”.
Or that’s how I’d like to say it went, but in fact it was more a question of my colleagues not having sufficient time to complete this. Thus I was given a fun assignment. It resparked every fibre in my body, if I may add.

My boss’ boss’ boss (yep that high) decided to install Ubuntu on our laptops, seeing as XP support was ending.

Now, bear in mind; this isn’t an easy task and I had never partaken anything like it before. A lot of research later; I realized that what I was asked to do wasn’t as straight forward as I’d hoped.
See the requirements seemed simple enough:

All of that combined made for an interesting find - or rather search.

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