WoW and fonts

After about 4hrs of dry-coding some of my addons; tweaking my UI (and yes, Jurian, I blame you.) I suddenly found myself gobsmacked. A lot of names weren’t properly being displayed. They looked cut off and in the chat I lost whatever they’d say.

Since I had been working on DefineInteresting and had changed some globals - yes, I know - bad, I assumed it was within my code. 30min and a lot of swearing later; I realized that /who netted the same results - and you can’t edit those. Turns out – FONTS! Yes, fonts.

I had changed the default fonts in WoW to look a bit nicer; but failed at noticing that some fonts didn’t have all the accented letters. And turns out that messes up the UI pretty bad.

So off I go; finding a new font yet again.

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