on resume writing

So at this point, I am to rewrite my resume, it’s not as easy as it sounds - especially for someone like me. I try to list my skills, sadly I keep on listing them as only basic, or keep deeming them insufficient to be listed. What can I say? I am a doubter, and generally feel inadequate - though I have to admit my boss (or team leader as he prefers) does try his hardest to make sure I believe in my skills. Sure, they’re not epic as my senior sysadmins and IT specialists, but slowly I am getting there. I learn something new every single day.

I am currently learning Sass, Ruby, CSS3 and HTML 5 for some web design; namely this site. My CSS and HTML knowledge are rusty, so I am learning anew.

For work; I am studying Powershell, bash, batch and a few more things. I should learn .net and C#; but I am a Mac user :P

Now I have to admit; I am also taking a few in debt courses on Git - since it is my prefered VCS :) And since we’re having fun - let’s add Vi. Yes; Vi. What can I say? Old habits die hard? It’s the text editor I was taught to use at school, and I do feel it’s essential - even though now all text-installs of Unix/Linux generally include nano as well. But I am old skool, so Vi it is. Besides; syntax highlighting in Terminal - oh god it’s sexy.

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