I had been eyeing Jekyll as “blogging” engine for a while now; mainly because I love Github and use it heavily - Jekyll can easily be hosted on Github, which suits me just fine. I am kept within constraints (I tend to go overboard on a lot of things) and I don’t have to shell out cash for hosting I will barely use. I have to admit, I am still using the Free plan on Github, but I am considering upgrading - it’s definately worth every penny. But first things first, I am going to get me the GH Sticker set. I love ‘em.

I must admit, I used a template to start off - merely because I loved the simplicity with which it was created. I loved how pages were set up, it made sense to me so I went with it. While I was trying to make it my own little thing; I realized that I was lacking a few things and had a few things I wouldn’t use - so I started hacking away at it. (It is actually the Jekyll theme - brume)

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